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At Home in the Kitchen: The Art of Preparing the Foods You Love to Eat

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SKU 9781581821703
Format: Paperback
At Home in the Kitchen is a fresh, new approach to cooking. Supported by an interactive Web site, the book is the first of what is sure to be a popular new way of helping busy working women, particularly executives -- who have very little time available for planning and executing complicated, exotic dishes -- to prepare excellent meals every day. Having designed the book to take the mystique out of cooking, Jorj Morgan encourages readers to embrace cooking at home as a form of personal and group entertainment. Among the many helpful elements that make At Home in the Kitchen a uniquely helpful cookbook are:
-- Instructions on kitchen organization
-- More than 230 easy, fun, and delicious recipes
-- An easy-to-read, step-by-step format, with no more than ten steps per recipe
-- Recipes sorted by cooking techniques, from easiest to more elaborate
-- Organized into foods the reader could eat in a restaurant
-- Many tips, including definitions of terms, cooking methods, tips on substituting ingredients, and dish presentation
-- Three indexes -- food groups, ingredients, and cooking techniques
-- Web site support devoted to encouraging cooks to prepare food creatively by using the recipes in the book as a guideline, inviting Web site users to share their cooking experiences, finding answers to questions, and updating new recipes and menu plans

At Home in the Kitchen is a unique cookbook for the information age, combining the traditional nature of a cookbook with the flexibility of a Web site.