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Bursting with Energy: The Breakthrough Method to Renew Youthful Energy and Restore Health

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Do you have an energy crisis? 

In this updated edition of his acclaimed book, Bursting with Energy, Dr. Frank Shallenberger makes clear a connection between the amount of energy you have and the amount of aging you do, pointing out that, in medical terms, aging often refers to a loss of function, not chronology. A thirty-year-old with no loss of function is identical to a twenty-year-old, he says. And the same is true for fully functional people in their sixties––they are the same as thirty-year-olds. According to Shallenberger, the loss of functions that result from aging are themselves the result of energy loss: more energy, less aging; less energy, more aging. When Dr. Shallenberger discusses anti-aging methods, he is actually talking about improving energy production. His work with patients over the years has proven that an energy deficit is the root cause of every disease and symptom, from cancer, to fatigue, to obesity. 

However, says the doctor, you can't buy the energy you need, you have to make it, and you do that by converting oxygen to carbon dioxide. In this book, he explains the process and how your body uses it to harness the sun's energy and make it your own. He then shows how energy relates to aging, disease, weight, and toxic elements. He elaborates on his unique breakdown technology, the Bio-Energy Testing System, for determining energy levels, and shows how to overcome any personal energy crisis and banish the degenerative problems that deteriorate and age the body. His reinvigorating secrets include getting proper amounts of water, rest, sunlight, supplements, food, and exercise, in addition to breathing properly, replacing needed hormones bio-identically, and losing weight permanently. 

Dr. Shallenberger believes that knowledge is power. Energy is the key, he says. As you learn to eliminate the bad habits that can seriously impair the production of energy and come to embrace the proven benefits outlined in this book, you will discover firsthand the power of having maximum energy. Although you do grow older chronologically, you don't have to keep pace biologically. Bursting with Energy is all about feeling younger as you get older.