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Winners: How Good Baseball Teams Become Great Ones (and It's Not the Way You Think)

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Format: Hardcover
""We're all winners, as Dayn Perry serves as our trusted guide on this idiosyncratic but profoundly informative walking tour of the great teams and players of the last few decades.""
--Rob Neyer,

""Dayn Perry's really got something here. Part history, part handbook, Winners is an essential read for anyone trying to understand how great teams get that way.""
--Joe Sheehan,

""We look at baseball from so many angles today that we too often forget the point is not to look at the game from an interesting view for its own sake, but to learn how it works, in the service of learning why teams win. Any fan who wants to know will find their answers in this book.""
--Tim Marchman, baseball columnist, ""The New York Sun""

""Dayn Perry crafts a lively narrative that blends astute analysis with clever storytelling. He gets to the bottom of what makes a great team tick.""
--Kevin Towers, General Manager and Executive Vice President, San Diego Padres